Custom Jewelry Is a Treasure
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Custom Jewelry Is a Treasure

Create jewelry that will be cherished for years to come

A special day is coming up, and you want to give a gift that your loved one will never forget. You can show them you care by getting a ring, necklace or bracelet made with a beautiful stone at Hannoush Jewelers. We've been crafting jewelry for more than 20 years.

When you work with us, we'll:

  • Get a picture of a prototype for your jewelry based on your preferences
  • Create an editable digital rendering of the jewelry
  • Work with you to choose the stone and its cut
  • Customize everything about the jewelry with you

The process, including creating the jewelry, will take between three and four weeks. Call 845-298-8599 now to get started on your custom piece.

Choose the right a stone for your jewelry

Maybe you already know that your loved one would be delighted by a ruby necklace. Maybe you're not sure exactly what they would prefer. We'll help you find the right stone based on:

  • Their personal style
  • Their lifestyle
  • The special occasion

We'll help you choose jewelry that brings out their eyes, complements their outfits or celebrates their birthday. They'll love it for years to come. Ask us for more information about customizing jewelry right away.